Headphones are one the coolest gadget to carry while jogging, exercising, doing gym, or going any outdoor activity. Here is a list of types of hands free for you to choose among. This list can help you to identify which type of headphone you want to buy and which specs you need. Have a look

Headphones are the most widely used type of audio device nowadays. Nathaniel Baldwin was the first person to invent headphones in 1910. After the invention, the U.S. Navy ordered 100 pairs of them. Headphones are also referred to as earphones, a hardware output device. You can either plug it into your phone or a computer. You can use headphones to listen to any audio without getting disturbed or disturbing others. Sometimes, people wear headphones to depict one's style or fashion. They come in many types and styles. Let's have a look at it.
Types of Headphones

Headphones are one the coolest gadget to carry while jogging, exercising, doing gym, or going any outdoor activity. Here is a list of types of hands free for you to choose among. This list can help you to identify which type of headphone you want to buy and which specs you need. Have a look!

• Noise-Cancelling Headphones are the one which has a refreshing ability to filter out the noise and deliver smooth and desired music or sound you want. You can enjoy the crispy clear sound. But, besides this, these headphones also disconnect you from the background environment. Thus, you may encounter any accidents.

• Studio headphone packages are the headphones that come with an amplifier. This is a perfect pair for any musician. 

• Earbuds are tiny 'headphones.' You can insert them in your ears to enjoy music. These are mostly wireless and save space. 

• Bluetooth Headphones are the one which requires Bluetooth connectivity. These headphones are generally wireless and come in unique designs.

• Open-Back Headphones have an open back. Its drivers can easily be seen. But, the real world sound gets mixed with the music from open-back headphones.

• Closed-Back Headphones have their backs sealed. You get isolated from the world. 

• In-Ear Headphones, hey are so-called because their tips are inserted in rather than over or around the ears. They channel sounds directly into the eardrums and areas, such as pretty useful. These kinds of earphones are compact in size and are hence suited for use on the go.

• Portable headphones are a lightweight version of headphones having foam earpads. You can get one with the player which you may want to replace. There are low-quality portable headphones as well. They have excellent sound quality. They don't block your environmental sounds. You can easily hear what's going on around using these tiny friends.

• On-Ear Headphones are the individual designed to cover your entire ears. These headphones are larger to cover your ear as compared with the standard one. 

• Over-Ear Headphones cover your ear from over and around. So that your ears get tightly packed to let you enjoy excellent bass music. 

• DJ headphone are those designed specially for providing high quality sound. Dj headphones provide you professional studio sounds for your track. They provide you with incredible banding along with comfortable fit with the sound insulation. These are durable headphones with metallic details

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Guide to Choosing Headphones
Everyone wants a perfect headphone pair to enjoy the best experience. But how can you buy one without studying about them? So, for this, we have made a quick look to let you explore them.

The first and foremost thing is your comfort. Support is essential. Whenever you are testing headphones to buy, give them a proper time like half an hour. Choose the pair which has comfortable padding of cloth or leather. A comfy resting earpad can not ache your ears. If you are buying or looking for that pair which blocks the surrounding sounds, look for a comfortable one. Keep in mind, these types of headphones will cause you ear problems if worn for long.

The more comfortable fittings, the more easy-going headphones. You should look for the one which provides you perfect fit on your ears. Surely, you won't want your headphones to fall out of your ears. Also, the headband should not be very tight. Your headphone must have a feature to adjust the headband.

the lighter the weight, the easy to carry. It is a long-term comfort factor. The lighter headphones are usually very comfortable. If you want to listen to music for a longer time, lighter padded headphones are recommended.

It's not a big issue if you don't have portable headphones. But if you are planning to travel, these headphones are the best options to buy.

Look for that headphones pair, which is permanent. Not the one who can break easily or the wire get easily cut. If you are looking for those headphones which you can use for long, look for a durable one with stiff cable and earbuds.

Make sure the wires of the headphones are thick enough so that they don't get cut or damaged easily. Avoid long cable as it can lower the sound quality and get tangled easily. Look for the shielded cable headphones.

Choosing a perfect headphone for you
Let's talk about how to look for an ideal headphone when there are millions of pairs in the market with fancy looks. Don't get confused. Take your time and ask yourself the following questions.

  1. How will you use the headphones?
  2. Which headphone type you want?
  3. Do you want wired or wireless headphones?
  4. Do you prefer noise cancelation?
  5. Which add-ons and accessories like the mic, cable, etc. you want?

These were a few tips to be considered while picking up a perfect pair of headset for you. Now, let us consider the main disadvantages of the headphones before buying a pair.

Disadvantage of Headphones

Well, everything that has some benefits also has some disadvantages. Obviously, everything can create problems. Besides benefits, headphones can prove to be very harmful to your health. For this, the following are a few disadvantages that I have jotted down for you.

  • EAR INFECTIONS: Listening to loud music for long can cause severe ear infections.
  • PAIN IN EARS: Headphones can cause pain in ears if you have been listening to music for longer. Sounds of different frequencies heard continuously can cause you problems.
  • HEARING LOSS: Listening to loud music can cause severe health issues. It can cause hearing loss if the volume exceeds 90 decibels.
  • EFFECTS ON BRAIN: Music emits electromagnetic waves, which can cause you severe problems in the brain.
  • NUMB EARS: Effects of loud music can be so adverse that sometime you might encounter numbness in ears.

In short, you can buy headphones by reading the above guide. You can find a perfect pair for you. But, keep in mind the health problems it can cause to you. Stay safe!